Institute for Laboratory Medicine

  • Institut für Labormedizin und Hygiene

Clinical Chemistry Unit
The Clinical Chemistry Unit supports all diagnostic and treatment processes within the hospital, with blood and urine testing being their major focus. The Institute carries out a total of 2.1 million tests every year and the laboratories are staffed 24 hours a day.

Medical Microbiology Unit
The Medical Microbiology Unit supplies all areas of the Hospital with microbiological testing services that relate to bacteriology, parasitology, infectious serology and molecular biology. In addition, the Unit's consulting service for infectious diseases advises on questions relating to the diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases.

Hospital Hygiene Unit
In addition to laboratory testing, the Hospital Hygiene Unit offers an inspection and consultation service for hospital hygiene matter to all clinics. Investigations are carried out on-site and are aimed at identifying potential infection hazards and developing appropriate strategies for their subsequent elimination or minimisation. As such, the Unit's work is aimed at preventing hospital-acquired infections (also known as nosocomial infections).

The Institute's Clinical Chemistry Unit had its reaccreditation confirmed in March 2007 (with reaccreditation extending to the Institute's molecular genetics methods and processes), while the Microbiology and Hygiene Units achieved accreditation for the first time in 2009.

The Institute is also responsible for the collection of blood samples from patients on all wards, with sampling being conducted by nurse assistants employed by the Institute. Furthermore, the Institute coordinates blood gas and blood sugar monitoring across the hospital's different clinical units. The Institute holds accreditations for all its areas of responsibility.

Teaching activities
Prof. Dr. Bauer is the Clinical Lead for Laboratory Medicine within the School for Medical Laboratory Technicians, the MTA-Schule.