What you need to know

Always follow the advice given by doctors and nursing staff.

For most of our patients sufficient and regular sleep is essential in assisting with a speedy recovery. For this reason, we request that ward quiet time be observed between 20:00 and 08:00.
During quiet time you are requested to use headphones or earphones whilst watching TV or listening to the radio. This will ensure that other patients are not disturbed.

Hospital facilities, in particular the toilets and bathrooms, must be kept clean at all times.

We hope you will understand that it may not always be possible for patients to share with the "perfect room mate(s)". We would, therefore, request that all our patients show an appropriate degree of courtesy and respect towards their fellow patients, and show understanding as regards other patients' individual habits and needs.

For a small fee, patients and visitors may deposit their luggage in the luggage store near the reception desk in the entrance lobby. You should avoid brining valuables into the Hospital. Any valuables you do bring should be kept locked away whenever possible. Please ensure that you never leave any valuables unattended.
If you suspect an item has been stolen, please inform the nurse in charge of the ward immediately. Please note that the Hospital will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of valuables or luggage.

Should you lose or find a valuable item, please contact the reception desk, which is situated in the Hospital's entrance lobby. Items not collected after 14 days will be passed on to the municipal lost property office.

Access to ward staff areas and staff rooms is restricted to members of staff only.

Only Hospital staff are authorised to use/operate technical facilities, technical and medical equipment and devices, oxygen and compressed air tapping points and other similar devices.

Please use nearby car parking areas in Hohenzollernstraße, Bremserstraße or Leuschnerstraße. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for you to leave your car on-site for the duration of your stay. Severely disabled persons may apply for a special permit by contacting the technical team (Abteilung Technik) on 0621 503 2582. Vehicles parked on Hospital grounds are left at the owner's risk. The Hospital cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred. Unauthorised vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.