The "Green Ladies and Gentlemen"

The volunteers of the "Evangelische Krankenhaushilfe" can be recognised by their light green uniforms. These "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" are volunteers who provide pastoral care. By visiting patients in hospital, supporting them in times of need or providing comfort in times of worry, they hope to assist patients in their recovery.
The "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" are called upon in many different ways and in all areas of the Hospital. As a result, they usually have ample opportunities for meeting new patients. These volunteers feel that by talking and listening they are able to give patients the opportunity to talk through any worries, fears or concerns and in the process are able to allow patients some respite from the typical stresses and strains associated with what can be a hectic hospital environment.
The "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" will also be happy to go on small errands to provide patients with those little everyday pleasures such as a daily newspaper. The "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" also run the Hospital library facility which is open to all patients. Upon request, the "Green Ladies and Gentlemen" are also happy to act as guides, accompanying new patients to their wards or therapy centres. In addition, they are happy to help visitors find their way around the Hospital.

Leiterin: Jutta Bohn

Jutta Bohn
Telefon: 0621 503-2296 oder 0621 653758

Lillian Dietz

Stellv. Leitung:
Lillian Dietz
Telefon: 0621 503-2296