Institute for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Institut für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin

IThe Institute for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine offers a holistic approach to diagnosis and therapy. Our approach is aimed at allowing full restoration of, or improvements to, normal function whilst also offering further preventative measures. All our services are offered under medical direction and are available to patients from all the Hospital's specialist units as well as outpatients.

Our services include chiropractic rehabilitation, natural therapies and acupuncture as well as physiotherapy, exercise training, aquatic therapy, mobilisation and traction therapy, occupational therapy, massage, breathing and relaxation techniques, heat therapy and cryotherapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy.

In addition, we develop personal treatment programmes for patients with pain conditions, functional disorders affecting the spine and joints, slipped discs, urine and faecal incontinence, lymphoedema, stroke, dizziness, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.

Our specialists also contribute to the work of the interdisciplinary Ludwigshafen Continence and Pelvic Floor Centre ), which offers a comprehensive range of therapies for patients with bladder or rectal dysfunction.