Pathology Institute

  • Institut für Pathologie

At the Pathology Institute, our members of staff remain in the background. Our staff tend to act as "guides" in the treatment decision-making process and have little direct contact with patients. However, with the Institute's role being that of a central diagnostic unit, our staff maintain close links with all the medical specialities.

The Institute's role and responsibility extends to the examination of tissue samples (biopsy samples) or cellular materials (cytology samples) obtained from patients of Ludwigshafen Hospital or its affiliated hospitals.

In addition to light microscopy, analytical techniques available include histochemistry and immunochemistry, DNA cytophotometry and Chromogenic In Situ Hybridisation (CISH). Once a pathology report and diagnosis have been established, this will feed into the treatment decision-making process.

Our specialists contribute to the work of the Hospital's well-established and certified cancer centres :
Breast Care Centre
Bowel Centre
Skin Cancer Centre
Ludwigshafen Oncology Centre
Prostate Cancer Centre

Members of our staff regularly take part in symposia and working groups, whose aims include the review of patient cases and the development of new diagnostic and treatment concepts. As far as the analysis and assessment of biopsy or cytological samples is concerned, the Pathology Institute's cross-departmental role allows it to act as a bridging link between the various different specialities.
Due to the sheer number of medical specialities represented within Ludwigshafen Hospital and its affiliated hospitals our remit is broad and includes haemopathology. We also have a very close working relationship with a number of pathology reference centres.