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Ludwigshafen Hospital Pharmacy is a central service facility providing the full range of services relating to the therapeutic use of medicinal products. The Pharmacy's quality management system ensures continuous improvement of the services offered. In 1921, the then "Palatinate Government" approved the application for a hospital pharmacy from the City of Ludwigshafen and the hospital's in-house pharmacy has been in operation ever since. In 1968, under the leadership of pharmacist Dr Wolfgang Schulze the pharmacy moved to its new premises in Building B. Since then the Pharmacy has undergone a number of modifications and renovations to adapt to its ever-changing role and remit.

In 1984, the pharmacy was certified by the relevant statutory professional body for Rhineland Palatinate, the ‘Landesapothekenkammer Rheinland Pfalz', as an appropriate training facility for students of clinical pharmacy. In 2006, University of Mainz students were presented with the additional option of studying for a professional doctorate in pharmacy, something that was made possible in close collaboration with Medical Clinic A (Medizinische Klinik A). In a typical year, four pharmacy students will complete their pharmacy placements in our Hospital Pharmacy.