Psychiatry and psychotherapy

Sometimes, people who are admitted to hospital to receive treatment for the physical manifestations of an illness, may also suffer from emotional or mental health problems or they may develop such problems because they find it difficult to cope with their illness or the fact that they need to go into hospital.
Commonly observed problems include:

  • Depression or other mental health problems may develop in response to severe illness
  • Confusion can be associated with severe illness or develop after surgery
  • Addictions may become apparent during a patient's stay in hospital

In all these cases Clinics can request the input of a dedicated team of specialists, who can assist with the following:

  • Diagnosis by fully trained psychiatrists
  • Recommendations regarding psychopharmaceutical therapy
  • In-house psychotherapeutic support and treatment
  • Advice regarding further treatment

You can contact a member of our team of specialists between 08:00 and 12:00 Mondays - Fridays, when they will be available to visit patients on their wards.

Examinations by a specialist must be requested by the treating physician. For general enquiries relating to the services offered by our dedicated team of specialists you may contact

Dr. Breitmaier

Consultant in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the hospital "Krankenhaus Zum Guten Hirten"
Dr. med. Jörg Breitmaier
Telephone 0621 6819-500

Frau Kick

Head of the dedicated team of specialists
Consultant Jella Kick
Telephone 0621 6819-500