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On the day of your admission, please present yourself at the reception desk of the relevant Clinic at the specified time. Your admission letter should have details of which Clinic you need to go to. If there is anything that you are not sure about please contact one of our members of staff at the information point, which is situated in the entrance lobby. They will be happy to assist you with any queries.

Upon your admission to hospital there will be a number of admission formalities to complete. To speed up this process, please ensure that you bring the following documentation with you:

  • Your valid ID card (or passport)
  • Your valid insurance card
  • Your referral letter
  • A list of any current medications you are taking
  • Your medical emergency information card and immunisation record
  • If applicable, your allergy information, history of previous x-rays, Diabetes ID card, Marcumar (anticoagulant treatment) card
  • If applicable, any previous x-rays, details of other medical investigations, laboratory findings, letters from your doctor(s)
  • If applicable, a history of any previous illnesses or diseases
  • If applicable, your co-payment exemption

If applicable, invoices/receipts for co-payments already made during the current year
If you are unable to complete the admission formalities, please instruct one of your family members to do this on your behalf.
As part of the admission process you will also receive all the necessary contractual documentation as well as information materials about our Hospital and our terms and conditions of service. All personal data provided by you as part of the admission process will of course be treated in accordance with all relevant Data Protection legislation..

If your admission was scheduled in advance, it is our Process Managers who will usually be your first point of contact upon admission.

Hospital excess
A hospital excess is charged for your hospital treatment, which is set at the statutory rate of 10 Euro per calendar day. This excess is chargeable for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year. The Hospital is legally required to collect, and pass on, any co-payments that may be required by the statutory health insurance funds. Patients under 19 years of age are exempt from co-payments.

Patient wristbands
As part of the admission process you will also receive a patient wristband displaying your name and date of birth. This serves as a patient ID. The wristband is not mandatory and is intended simply to ensure your safety. For further information on the patient wristband, please click the link below.

Optional extras
Patients may of course choose to include one or more of the following optional services:

  • Private room (single or double occupancy) and/or
  • Optional medical services

These will incur an additional charge. Please advise us as soon as possible should you wish to request any optional services. For further information on private rooms of single or double occupancy and services offered in conjunction with these, please consult our flyer.

Any optional services must be agreed in advance in writing. This formality may be completed as part of the admission procedure.
Using optional services may incur considerably higher additional costs. Please note that these costs are not currently covered by statutory health insurance funds. If you have private health insurance, please check with your insurance provider if these costs are covered by your plan.


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