Quality management

Within the organisational structure of Ludwigshafen Hospital, quality management forms part of the executive function of the Hospital and, as such, is the responsibility of the heads of the various departments and specialist medical units. The heads of department are supported by members of staff from the Quality Management Directorate. This office operates under the auspices of the Board of Directors, which in turn consists of the Managing Director, the Medical Director and the Director of Nursing. The Quality Management Directorate combines medical, nursing and administrative staff, who work in close cooperation to deliver on their various responsibilities, which include:


  • Certification project management
  • Providing support to the processes carried out around the hospital in preparation for the submissions of documentation required for certification
  • Meeting preparation and follow-up in support of the Quality Commission
  • Development of Quality Management (QM) goals, QM project management and coordination of efforts to implement QM measures.
  • Facilitation and coordination of the work carried out by working groups and quality teams in different Clinics
  • Leading /contributing to the work of the CIRS commission
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Maintaining the hospital's QMH wiki
  • Supporting the work of the Board of Directors as regards QM-related issues

Preparing, conducting, analysing and presenting results from:

  • Patient surveys
  • Staff surveys
  • Referral surveys

QM- training courses

  • Contributing to internal training programmes on quality management for staff and trainees

QM-related PR

  • Compiling detailed quality reports as per statutory requirements



Antonie Ege
Telefon: 0621 503-2021
Fax: 0621 503-2139
E-Mail: egea@klilu.de

Mandy Mann

Mandy Mann
Telefon: 0621 / 503-2154
Fax: 0621 / 503-2139
E-Mail: mannm(at)klilu.de

Tina Pagelkopf

Tina Pagelkopf
Telefon: 0621 503-2028
Fax: 0621 503-2139
E-Mail: tina.pagelkopf@klilu.de

Dr. med. Sanja Salopek, M. sc.

Dr. med. Sanja Salopek, M. sc.
Telefon: 0621 503-3172
Fax: 0621 503-2139
E-Mail: salopeks(at)klilu.de

Contact doctor-/ hospital liability

Ansprechpartner für Arzt- / Krankenhaushaftung:
Andreas Bondong
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E-Mail: bondonga@klilu.de

Christina Flocken

Christina Flocken
Telefon: 0621 503-2054
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E-Mail: flockenc@klilu.de