Gesellschaft für Klinische Forschung mbH

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ludwigshafen Hospital.

In all matters relating to planned patient-centred research KliLu Forschung GmbH acts as a link with internal and external partners.

Responsibilities / range of services:

  • Lending support to industry-sponsored clinical studies and internally-sponsored research projects.
  • Review of contracts with trial sites and negotiation of individual contracts
  • Quality control and assurance relating to all clinical research through close cooperation with the internal scientific committee and the introduction of standard operating procedures for project management.
  • Billing partners for services provided

Artikel und Abstracts zur klinischen Forschung

April 2013: Die perkutane renale Denervation – eine neue Therapie-Option bei medikamentös nicht beherrschbarem Bluthochdruck

24.05.2012: Activated expression of the chemokine Mig after chemotherapy contributes to chemotherapy-induced bone marrow suppression and lethal toxicity

Gesellschaft für Klinische Forschung mbH
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Hans-Friedrich Günther

Sekretariat / Abrechnung / GmbH-Betreuung:

Sekretariat / Abrechnung / GmbH-Betreuung:
Melanie Süntzenich
Telefon: 0621 503-4580
Fax: 0621 503-2008

Vertragsbearbeitung: Helena Jourdan

Vertragsbearbeitung / GmbH-Betreuung:
Helena Jourdan
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Fax: 0621 503-2008