Ludwigshafen Care Homes for the Elderly

The company is 94% owned by Ludwigshafen Hospital. The remaining 6% is owned by the City of Ludwigshafen.

Responsibilities / range of services:

The care facilities owned by Alten- und Pflegeheime Ludwigshafen gGmbH are the facility "Haus Friesenheim" and the facility "Dr. Hans Bardens Haus". These municipal care facilities provide full nursing care for 300 elderly patients as well as offering short-term care options.
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Hans-Friedrich Günther

Einrichtungsleitung: Matthias Hannes

Matthias Hannes

Dr. Hans Bardens Haus
Kallstadter Str. 15
67067 Ludwigshafen
Telephone: 0621 671911-90
Fax: 0621 671911-99

Haus Friesenheim
Luitpoldstr. 148
67063 Ludwigshafen
Telephone: 0621 63539-0
Fax: 0621 63539-69